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SyncProgress Agile Team Management
Key features

Agile team management made easy. SyncProgress takes care of team updates and standups so you can focus on what matters.

Team Progress

Automatically collect progress reports from your team every day, including blockers. Members can tag areas of work and even report their current mood helping you manage more effectively.

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Daily Standups

SyncProgress compiles your teams daily progress reports into a daily standup page you can use as the focus of your meetings. Check previous standups to determine team progress.

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Git Integration

Connect to your git repository (via Github, Bitbucket and more) and SyncProgress will provide pull request reminders, repository analysis reports and much more.

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SyncProgress will remind you and your team to report your progress daily, via email or slack. We can also remind members of outstanding pull requests awaiting review.

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Why SyncProgress?

SyncProgress is the best way to manage your agile team

SyncProgress tracks your daily progress and helps you run your team meetings

Email & Slack reminders to make sure team members never forget to stay in sync

SyncProgress integrates with Github to offer pull request reminders and extra team reporting. We also integrate with Trello to offer outstanding card reminders too

Let SyncProgress handle the boring stuff so you can focus on what matters

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24/7 availabilty, worldwide.

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