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What is SyncProgress?

About SyncProgress

SyncProgress was created to solve a problem. After running several agile teams over the last 20 years, the founder of SyncProgress realized team leaders could do with some help. There's simply not enough time in the day to effectively manage a large agile team, especially if some or all members are remote workers.

SyncProgress was created to take some of the load by automatically handling team members daily progress reports ready for the daily standup meetings that are an essential part of the agile development process.

SyncProgress can also help remind leaders and their team about other work items such as outstanding pull requests. SyncProgress also provides a variety of reports to help team leaders understand how their team is doing at a glance. SyncProgress is currently in heavy development and is constantly adding new features and improvements all with the aim of simplifying agile team management.

SyncProgress Team

SyncProgress was created by Jamie Osborne, a software industry veteran with 20 years experience working throughout the industry. Jamie has spent the last few years leading agile software teams, both remote and on-site and has a deep appreciation and understanding of the challenges faced by managers in the industry.

Jamie is passionate about software development and customer service and is wholly focused on making SyncProgress the go-to tool for team leaders looking for an edge in managing their agile teams.

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