Our new Custom API has been released


Our custom API is now available

We've just added a new premium feature to SyncProgress: Custom API Webhooks. So what exactly is this? Well, we've added even more flexibility and control to our users by allowing them to setup their own URL to receive events from SyncProgress when certain actions occur.

This means that if you have your own interal tools that would also like to receive daily progress reminders (and other notifications) you can simply setup an endpoint on a website or service you control and we'll send over JSON data each time we remind a user, or progress is added by a user.
Don't worry, the full details are explained in our technical documentation although setting up a webhook is very straightforward.

Right now we've included two actions, Progress Reminders and Progress Added. Many more to come and we're always open to suggestions on what you'd like to see added to SyncProgress.

SyncProgress is under continuous development and we're always excited to make announcements like these! If you need a hand managing your agile team, why not give SyncProgress a try?

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