Our Github Integration is now LIVE!


Our Github Integration is now LIVE!

Our newest feature is now live and available for all SyncProgress users. You can now connect to your Github account from within SyncProgress and we will be able to remind you and your team of any outstanding pull requests they have.

Getting Started with our Github Integration

Getting started is super simple. Team owners can head to the Integrations page and connect to Github via OAuth there. This will provide a secure and safe connection to your Github account that we can use to request information on your github repositories and pull requests. Once authorized, you can select any of your repositories to be connected to SyncProgress, optionally choosing if they are associated with a specific team or not. That's it! SyncProgress will then do the rest, reminding you of any outstanding pull requests that team members are assigned to.

Future plans for the Github Integration

This is only the beginning for how we will use this integration to make managing your team easier. We are currently adding new reports that will analyse your Github repositories and give detailed information on things such as team member participation & impact, areas of churn, complex commits and much more.

We are also in the process of adding all the same functionality when connecting via BitBucket and Gitlab too. As we are currently in Alpha, all these features are fully available to free accounts as well as paid, although at some point we may move some of the more advanced features to a paid plan only.

Why not give SyncProgress a try today? Simply sign-up to SyncProgress and get started in 5 minutes.

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