Learn how SyncProgress can help you manage your team.

Daily Progress Sync Daily Progress
  • What did you do today?

    Every day, SyncProgress asks your team "What did you do today?" and they let us know the highlights of their daily work. This includes any blockers too. Team members can also tag their progress with areas/types of work to help with categorization.

  • Standups

    Before the daily standup, SyncProgress will send over the daily standup report which shows your teams progress from the day before. You can use this report as the focus of your standup meetings as it is designed to give a quick overview to the team and keep your meeting efficient.

  • Reminders

    SyncProgress reminds you and your team of important items, such as upcoming standups and time to submit progress, so you don't have to. These reminders can be sent via email or 3rd party apps such as Slack and you can choose the best time to receive them.

  • Team Satisfaction

    SyncProgress asks your team members about their mood when submitting their daily progress, following the agile idea of "Niko-Niko", for measuring team satisfaction. SyncProgress provides an overview report showing how your team is doing over time.

  • Submission Reports coming soon

    SyncProgress tracks how much and how regularly your team members are submitting each day, allowing you to keep track and understand each members impact.

  • Many more in development coming soon

    Many more detailed reports are being added in every software update. We're currently working on basic git repository analysis reports.

Reporting Agile Team Reporting
Integrations Sync Progress Integrations
  • Git

    SyncProgress allows full integration with your Github hosted git repositories, with more (Bitbucket, Gitlab) in development. These integrations enable our git repo analysis reports as well as extra reminders for outstanding pull requests and reviews and updates to the activity stream.

  • Custom API

    Paid members of SyncProgress will be able to configure custom API endpoints (webhooks) to receive requests from SyncProgress when certain actions are triggered. This will give team leaders complete flexibility on how data from SyncProgress is handled.

  • Project management & help desk

    SyncProgress can connect to leading 3rd party tools such as Trello and Intercom (coming soon). These connections enable SyncProgress to remind team members of outstanding or upcoming work items or support requests. It will also enable new reports relating to tickets and work item progress.